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About PCHSearch&Win
PCHSearch&Win is the only search engine that could make you a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire! Use it every day to find information and websites you’re looking for — like weather reports, top news, recipes and more! Plus, you’ll get a daily entry for PCH Millions and chances to win instantly! Make sure you're signed in or registered, then type what you want to look up into the search box and click the 'search' button. It's that easy!

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PCH Search & Win Frequently Asked Questions

Do People Really Win?
Yes! PCHSearch&Win guarantees to award prizes every single day. In fact, exciting new instant prizes are released into the prize pool every 24 hours!

What Can I Win?
You could win amazing instant prizes when you search, like cash, gift cards and electronics. Plus, your first search every day enters you for a Millionaire-Making PCH SuperPrize!

What Should I Search For?
Anything you need to know more about, such as weather reports, TV listings, job opportunities, or sports scores.

Is PCHSearch&Win Really Free?
Absolutely! PCHSearch&Win is a free search engine where you can always get the information you need.

How Does PCHSearch&Win Choose The Instant Winners?
PCHSearch&Win's instant win engine randomly chooses winning times every day. The first person to search at or after a winning time wins an instant prize!

Can I Use PCHSearch&Win On My Mobile Device?
Take PCHSearch&Win with you wherever you go! You can use PCHSearch&Win on your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone!