PCH Search and Win

How To Search
PCHSearch&Win combines the results of leading search providers — Google and Yahoo — with the Prize Power of Publishers Clearing House ... For a Search Engine With a Winning Twist!

Searching is easy at PCHSearch&Win. Just type anything you want to know more about into the search box and click on the "SEARCH" button or just press "ENTER" on your keyboard.
Follow These Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Searches At PCHSearch&Win.
Keep It Simple.
Don't complicate your search with extra words. If you are looking for a certain concept, company or product, first try its name or name and location if applicable.
Choose Specific & Descriptive Words.
The more specific your search terms, the more targeted your results. For example, try laptop computer reviews instead of electronics. Keep in mind that some words have more than one meaning. Instead of searching for painting, search for house painting or Van Gogh paintings.
Search For Exact Phrases When Necessary.
Put quotation marks around two or more words to search for that exact phrase. Or when searching for people, put quotation marks around their first and last name. For example, "Princess Diana".
Take Advantage Of Search Suggestions.
As you start to type, PCHSearch&Win will try to help you find your desired result. Take a glance at the drop-down menu. The phrase you're looking for could be there!
Don't Fret Over Case!
Searches at PCHSearch&Win are case insensitive. A search for Las Vegas, Nevada, will produce the same results as a search for las vegas, nevada.

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